Introducing Aubrey to the world...

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

Hi, I’m Aubrey. Bare with me as I tell you a little about my journey to discovering her.

“Living” on social media means you feel pressure to share life’s moments and every choice with the internet.

Although I know it’s no one’s business, it’s much easier to make a mass announcement and “get it out of the way.”

So here I am, very emotional, and sharing something that been on my mind… for as long as I remember.

I am transgender. I have been on hormone replacement for a few months now, and it has truly saved me from the darkest depression ever.

For some, this is no surprise. For others, this will unfortunately change the way you feel about and support me.

I have lived as a gay male for majority of my life, mainly because it’s easier. Being trans comes with a lot of negativity and backlash, more-so than being gay. So I avoided it.

Not to mention that trans people are killed and targeted at a much higher rate.

I was bullied so severely. But I overcome that and I came out. I have been fearful to do it again.

Not because I wouldn’t be loved and supported — I have been met with so much love and grace since I’ve came out to loved ones — but because I have trauma from my past and have this engrained fear that I will not be accepted.

I’ve been a girl my entire life.

I remember choosing the little clear princess heels with the little fur and princess on the top as my toy of choice. I remember strutting around my Nanny’s factory, feeling like the most gorgeous little girl ever.

I’ve presented feminine for years.

This is who I am. At the core.

Aubrey IS David. I am no different today. Aubrey has been around for years, actually since I was born, y’all just didn’t know.

And today doesn’t mark anything different than an announcement that I am living my authentic self and to let my dear friends and loved ones know that I am finally free.

Free from the crippling fear and worry.

We aren’t all lucky enough to be born with matching sexual assignment and gender. But that doesn’t make me any less of a woman.

I’m not “the trans girl.” I’m Aubrey.

And it’s nice to meet you.

I hope you’ll stick around.

I understand if you don’t.

I love you either way.